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Zigzag Letter Number Materials

Zigzag iron on letter number kits, name by "zigzag" because of a zig-zag sewn appearance, but requires no sewing. these letters and numbers are laser cut with a simulated zig-zag stitch, giving the look of traditional embroidery without the effort and required equipment.

Available in 18 colors and several fonts, including Mega Greek, Pro Block, Varsity, and there are more coming, tackle twill is sure to give your customers the look they want without the cost and time involved with traditional embroidery.


Sizes Available:


Standard Size: 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12"


Customized Size: The smallest available size of tackle twill letters and numbers is 2 inches.




Each sport's page includes sport-specific regulations for placement of pre-cut letters and numbers. If you want the look of appliqué, but don't want to sew it, try  IRON ON LAND's iron on twll letter and numbers. you just needs to apply with a heat press.


Iron on:


Temperature for iron: 330 F / 165  C (or temperature for cotton fabric)


Iron Time: 45~90 seconds (depends on size)


Heat Press machine:


Temperature: 330 F / 165 C


Time: 25~30 Seconds


Pressure: Medium


Recommended fabric:


Polyester and cotton, not nylon