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Sports Shirts Letter Number Kits

Sports Shirts iron on letter and number kits are made of printable heat transfer vinyl. They follow pro league team jersey letter and number font and color with high quality. With them, you can create your name and number with NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA jersey letter number font like pro players do.

One set is the same exact numbers/letters font that are used on pro baseball, football, basketball, hockey jerseys and includes enough numbers and letters to complete one jersey. Every pro team number lettering font are available in stock. Team name or logo NOT included. BUYER CAN CHOOSE any number, any name, and any material he/she desires.

Instructions for heat transfer vinyl materials at a glance:

Temperature: 315⁰ F / 158⁰ C (or temperature for cotton fabric)

Iron Time: 30~90 seconds (depends on size)

Heat press time: 15 seconds at medium pressure

Warm Peel

If you have your own font of sports shirts letter and number ideas, never mind, just tell us, we can follow to make them into personalized jersey letter and number kits as you request.

So what's your idea?